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Kick start Christmas 2015 in the right direction with this exclusive give-away.

Tanya Bond, respected illustrator and beloved creative seller on Etsy, is out to delight this weekend!

For a chance to win, simply click through to Facebook and follow the instructions:  Click here.

I know you are curious, so I’ve scooped up some more details for you.


Real people and real experiences with Tanya's art:

Reviewed by Michaela Sagatova on June 10, 2015

Gorgeous gorgeous little piece of art, I love Tanya’s girls!

Reviewed by Kelly Davison Muni on December 10, 2014

Love this artist and will continue to support her. She does great art and is so timely on her shipments.

Lara Warde on Facebook

Hi Tanya, the pic of Princess Fae got me into this page,it is simply Gorgeous. Scroling down i saw “grounded”,,,Ahhhhhhhhh breathtaking artwork……..Help!!!!!! I’m grounded in your page!!!! Don’t wanna go out. 

Sally Hall Muhs on Facebook

I adore the sad thoughtful look that your drawing have. I find them very inspiring. I have been a doll maker/sculptor for more years than I can count. Looking at the images very gets the imagination going. Thanks!

Roxanne Lewis on Facebook

~*~ INKLINGS colouring book is so artistically unique in which I would love to win and add beautiful colors. ~*~

From Tanya’s Etsy page:

This book is self-published by the artist in edition of only 1000 copies, over a 100 of them are already pre-sold.

“Inklings” colouring book has 24 black line illustrations and a full colour cover showing examples of inklings in colour. The book will be a big but easily manageable A4 size (a little under 9×12 inches) and will have 170gsm pages that will be stapled together with a full colour cover into one beautiful colouring book.

These books are fresh from the printer so please use a piece of white paper/card right under the page you are colouring to protect the page on the other side from any line transfers.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here NOW and enter to win!

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